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Who am I ?

Who am I ? Where is my place in this multifaceted world ? How do I become my own self and be at peace with it ?

After going through torrents of questions throughout the years, coming to terms with who I am and what I actually want to be in life is a journey in itself. The answers to these very existential questions may be multiple and they change as I live through my experiences. If I could deliver a word of wisdom to my younger self when navigating through the open water, it would be to seek balance.

In the many roles that I play in life : Being a mother who strives to be loving, caring and “real” in raising my children, nurturing them with the right mindset as they grow up – Being a supportive, affectionate and loyal life partner to my other half – Being a dedicated and passionate professional in my career and towards the people that I meet along the way – Not forgetting where I come from, my origins, my devotion as a daughter and a sister – Being my own true self and accepting who I am in navigating my journey through life ; I find that the key is to seek balance, not overdoing one nor neglecting another, in order to thrive in each of these areas, to become wholesome and at peace with my own self.

Time is a lever. It can be a constraint as well as an advantage. Looking out through the time window puts life into perspective. It tells us what is there to stay and what is merely a fleeting moment. Wise are those who distinguish this well and put the accent at where is needed.

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