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A space to share meaningful life moments

Here's how it started. It all began one day over a cup of tea.

Breathing in the light zesty waft of lemon and ginger infusion on a warm summer afternoon, I toyed the idea of keeping an illustrative journal, an open book of sorts, of moments, sights, sounds, smells, tastes, feelings, thoughts, experiences, that may not mean anything at all to the compound crowd, or that may mean everything to a dear soul.

There the journey began, into discovering the different scents that life infuses into the ardent heart. Humming away to the tune of "tea for two, and two for tea, me for you, and you for me", like Louis de Funès in La Grande Vadrouille. The gears in my mind started to mesh, releasing a torque of creativity swirling in my brain.

Writing is a liberating form of self-expression and an antidote to the hustle and bustle that we experience daily. Some use it as a tool to communicate, others see it as a form of art. Whether it is to advocate a cause, to create awareness or merely to share the simple pleasures of life, we are fortunate to be at a time when society and technology allow individuals to express themselves at scale more innovatively, effectively and easily than ever before. As the saying goes, your pen is your sword, so wield it wisely.

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